July 14, 2015

AAA Entertainment is the dream of a highly experienced, fun and professional individual who loves his job and enjoy’s interacting with the crowd! Read on below to learn a little more about the founder of the AAA Entertainment dream!

bride and groom on their first dance

Thank you for your interest in AAA Entertainment! My reason for starting the Mobile Entertainment Disc Jockey Service known today as AAA Entertainment is that I have been doing business as ALL-TUNE DJ for many years, and I needed to go one step above. I sold ALL-TUNE DJ and started a new business. I bring to the table almost 20 years of entertaining guests. My specialty is Wedding Receptions. I have been known to provide the best in entertainment value to the brides and grooms that I service.

If you have any questions about AAA Entertainment or the services that we provide, I encourage you to e-mail me directly!

About Ron

In his own words:DJ Ron Macomber

I believe that I was born an entrepreneur. From the time I was 5-years old selling flowers at our local graveyard entrance on Easter morning, to selling home-made creepy crawlers to my classmates at age 8, to cutting the grass and shoveling the snow in my neighborhood by age 10, to having multiple paper routes starting at age 12. When I was 13 I received my first professional grade record player (for those who have never heard of a record player, it’s kind of like a CD player only different). At that time I started collecting music and to this day have not stopped collecting. I would play the music for my family and friends for the next 25 years, but began my Professional Disc Jockey career in 1993 (after much research and study) specializing in Wedding Receptions. I formed a company under a new name, and as such have personally trained most of the DJ’s on the east coast of DE, soon becoming the largest and most respected DJ Company south of the DE Canal. In 2012, I moved to Cocoa, in Central, FL.

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